INNOVATION is very important in the golf industry. But do you know that most innovated products are developed by club fitters but never sees the market. PCS Int’l has the policy to assist club fitters with innovated products where possible. 

We all know that club fitters are well educated technician and always searching for solutions. And sometimes the club fitter has a solution or idea that can be seeing as an invention and like to share this with fellow colleagues or need resources to make his idea in to a commercial product.  From our own knowledge is that investing in a new product or idea is not only about the financial aspects, it develops around trust, work and marketing knowledge. With involvement of the Professional Clubfitters Society Int’l organization as an objective, independent non-profit organization the inventor get all the respect he need.  

We will support you with bench marketing, marketing and sales via our web store, do you want to know more about our support, CLICK HERE to contact us.







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