Professional Clubfitters Society Int’l welcomes everyone who is interested or wants to become a professional club fitter. This lofty accolade can be achieved through either full – or part time commitment. Education, certification and training will in principle, be taught (and achieved) via an “in-house classroom

environment” which will include hands-on work in one of our growing number of Education Centers. The student can be certified by the Instructor for the practical part. The theoretical part will be attained via headquarters. After completion of both parts the student will receive a certificate signed by the Executive Director. It’s the goal of PCS Int’l to certify as many qualified members as possible.

To meet the demands of the members and the market the Board decided that an attendee needs to do a theoretical exam first. In this way the attendee is prepared for the practical part of the total education.

Professional Clubfitters Society Int’l maintains four levels of membership, Ivory, Silver, Gold and Platinum, each denoting a higher grade of qualification respectively ( CLICK HERE to register direct):
Ivory;            is for the golfer who is interested in club fitting and would like to receive updates from
within the trade via their PCS Int’l membershipDesign
Silver;           is the golfer who is actively participating in club fitting and who holds one
PCS Int’l certification
Gold;             is for the professional Club fitter holding more than one PCS Int’l certificate
Platinum;      is for the full time club fitter and fully certified by PCS Int’l

There are three main courses headings: club fitting, club making and club repairing.

There are also subsidiary courses beneath each of the three main courses as mention above. Stated of above are: driver fitting, putter fitting, wedge fitting, ball fitting, physically challenged fitting and fitting based on bio-mechanics. As you can see, we strive to leave no stone unturned; when we say “fully qualified”, we mean fully qualified.

Additional marketing and business skills are taught facilitating the member to become a more successful entrepreneur in the golf industry. Special attention will be given on bio-mechanics in relation to club fitting. The latter is the newest of technologies in the market, designed to gather information about and subsequently advise your client of the highest level of club fitting you can deliver to suit their golf game.

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