Dynamic Shaft Loading: finding of the alignment on a shaft based on personal specs of a player and shaft characteristics.

18-8 Stainless Steel: A type of stainless steel sometimes used in the manufacture of iron and putter heads. Its composition is no more than 0.08% carbon, 18-20% chromium, 8-11 % nickel, with the remainder being iron and a few trace elements. As 18-8 cannot be treated to make it harder, it is best used only on non-offset iron heads with thicker hosels.

ElastomerTM: Material used in the formation of golf balls, particularly by TitleistTM. Also, a variety of material used in the manufac­ture of WinnTM grips.

ElastomerTMRing: A piece of polymer material used to surround the inner cavity of certain models of irons, notably Lynx Black CatTM models. The ring is used for cosmetic and acoustic purposes according to Lynx.

End Cap: The end of the grip of a club. Also the plastic or rubber cap used in certain leather or WinnTM grip applications. (See also “Butt Cap.”) 





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