Professional Clubfitters Society Int’l (PCS Int’l) is a highly respected, non-profit organization in the Golf industry. Its mission is, as an independent non-profit organization the purposes of benefiting  promoting, supporting, encouraging, and enhancing the profession and business of club- fitting, -making and -repair. But also to set a standard in the language of Club Crafting.

PCS Int’l members recognize that effective communication is essential to achieve this goal. Because there is still no standard in the language of Club Fitting nor the total golf industry, the journalist have an important role to play in mediating this language between experts, organizations inside the golf industry and the non-expert world outside and set a standard

In order to facilitate the best possible collaboration between PCS Int’l and the media, and to ensure that journalists find without complication the news and features they are seeking we like to ask you to CLICK HERE and we will add you to our media list. We will send you a conformation after we process your information. 







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