PCS is going independent


Breda, Netherlands  

“Professional Clubmakers Society” in Europe

is going independent

 The Netherlands– Since the founding of PCS (Professional Clubmakers Society) Europe, as a subsidiary of PCS US, in July 2007 in The Netherlands last year, the organisation’s goal is to make club fitting a professional and well-respected golf profession in the European golf market.

 The new members of PCS Europe decided, based on recent information from PCS US, on the 30 of January to continue no longer as a subsidiary of PCS US and will continue under the name “Professional Clubfitters Society”.

 “Professional Clubfitters Society” is a non commercial independent  network of professionals in the golf industry with suppliers, club fitters, teaching pro’s, physiotherapists and golf courses. Besides that, the organisation is an education institute for people who want to become club fitters that want to achieve their world wide acknowledged certification. Since the first of February 2008 Professional Clubfitters Society has more then 100 members from all over the Europe.

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