Professional Clubmakers Society is established on March 9th 1990 in Louisville Kentucky under governing of Elmore Just. PCS was the first independent non-profit organization for the purposes of benefiting  promoting, supporting, encouraging, and enhancing the profession and business of club making. 

During the Orlando PGA show 2007 members of the PCS Staff and CEO of EGW Ltd had a meeting about “how to support PCS”. The result of this meeting was an agreement to establish a non profit branch of Professional Clubmakers Society in Europe. After a major investment in a location, tools, employees, media campaign, traveling back and forward between the Netherlands and Louisville, etc. by Walther Bouckaert, Professional Clubmakers Society in Europe was in place on the first of May 2007. Walther Bouckaert – the first European PCS Instructor – was pointed as representative and staff member for Professional Clubmakers Society in Europe. As co-staff member Walther reported directly to the President and the then Executive Director of PCS in Louisville . 

Changing the name from PCS to PCS Int’l had to do with the bankruptcy of PCS in Louisville. All legal steps are made in consulting with the Secretary of the Court of Bankruptcy in Louisville and makes PCS Int’l the only legal successor of Professional Clubmakers Society. 

Professional Clubfitters Society Int’l is very successful in all parts of the world and the memberships is growing by the day.






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